Sundarban Special Package ( TMTT-05 )

04 Nights - 05 Days

00000 Taka per Person

Welcome to Visit the Heavenly Sundarbans
The Largest Mangrove Forest in the World

        The Sundarbans is the largest contiguous block of mangrove forest in the world. It is a playground of heavenly beauty bestowed by nature. In Bangladesh tourism, Sundarbans play the most vital role. A large number of foreigners come to Bangladesh every year only to visit this unique mangrove forest. Beside, local tourist also goes to visit Sundarbans every year. It is located on the extreme south-west part along the Bay of Bengal of Bangladesh. The Sundarbans is the single mangrove forest in the world. The area of Sundarbans is approximately 6017 sq. km.

       The exciting events in the Sundarbans tour are hiking in the deep forest, country boat cruising, bird watching, night safari and campfires and also staying on vessel at wild jungle atmosphere which will definitely add to your adventure experience.

04 Nights - 05 Days Sundarban Tour Package
(Khulna-Kochikhali-Kotka-Kokilmoni-Triangle Island-Dublar Char-Hiron Point-Harbaria-Koromjal-Khulna)
Tour Code: TMTT- 05
04 Nights - 05 Days Sundarban Tour Itinerary
Tour Date: 00,00,00,00,00 - Dec -2020.

          Honorable tourist Leave Dhaka by (00-Dec-20) night A/C or non A/C coach to Khulna. In the morning we will receive honorable tourist in the Khulna City and transfer them to the Vessel for there refreshment and taking breakfast.
Day-01: Date- Day-
         We will start our journey to Sundarbans early in the morning from Khulna at 6.00am. We will reach Daingmary Forest office at 10.00am and stay in there from 10.00am-10.30am for pay revenue and collect forest clearance and Guard. At 10.30am our journey will start to Harbaria. We will arrive in Harbaria Mangrove trail at 12.30pm and stay in Harbaria at 01.00pm-02.00pm. At 02.00pm we will start our journey to Kochikhali and arrive at 09.30pm to 10.30pm on the spot. We will take our dinner at 08.30pm in launch. In this spot we will take night hold.
Day-02: Date- Day-
          In 2nd day early in the morning we will visit Kochikhali forest spot & Egg Island at 06.00am to 09.00am. After breakfast in the morning at 09.00am our vessel will move to Kotka tourist spot. At 10.30am to 11.00am we will arrive in Kotka forest spot. In Kotka we can take sun bath in Kotka see beach at 12.00pm-01.00pm. After 01.00pm we will back to launch and take our lunch and rest in Vessel. After lunch at 03.30pm we will visit the Kotka forest office side of the largest Mangrove forest and enjoy the sunset & cannel Crouse by country boat, after that we will come back on vessel before evening. We will take our dinner at 08.30pm in launch. In this spot we will take night hold.
Day-03: Date- Day-
         In 3rd day early in the morning at 06.00am-06.30am we will start our journey to Kokilmoni. We will arrive in Kokilmoni at 10.30am-11.00am. We will visit Kokilmoni forest office side & Triangle Island (Tinkona Island) at 11.00am-02.00pm. We will start our journey to Hiron Point at 02.00pm & we will arrive in Hiron Point at 04.00pm-04.30pm. We will visit Hiron Point at 04.30pm to 06.30pm. We will take our dinner at 08.30pm in launch. In this spot we will take night hold.
Day-04: Date- Day-
          In 4th day early in the morning we will visit Hiron Point at 06.30am to 08.30am. After visit Hiron Point we will back to our Vessel and start our journey to Dublar Char. At 10.00am we will arrive in Dublar Char and we will visit Dublar Char at 10.00am to 01.00pm. After visit Dublar Char we will back to our Vessel and take our lunch and rest in Vessel. After high tide we will start our journey to Koromjal. Vessel will drop anchor Chadpai (Joymoni) forest office site at around midnight.
Day-05: Date- Day-
         Make our return journey to Khulna at the day five early in the morning. At 07.30am we will start our journey to Koromjal wildlife centre? At 09.30am to 10.00am we will arrive in Koromjal and visit the Koromjal wildlife centre at 10.00am to 12.00pm. After visit Koromjal at 01.00pm we will start back journey to Khulna and we almost will arrive in Khulna at 06.00pm to 06.30pm.
Return Khulna after that:
       The majority of the final days we will be spend cruising back to Khulna. You can take either train or flight back to Dhaka via Jessore or take an overnight bus to complete the journey. (Tour End)

04 Nights - 05 Days Food Menu

Note: Food menu can be change as guest requirement.

Package Includes:
01. Cruise Inside the deep forest with vessel.
02. Accommodation will be provided on twin sharing basis on the vessel on cabin.
03. All Meals during the trip.
04. All activities inside the forest as per itinerary.
05. Small Country boat to make trips inside small canals/creeks.
06. Mineral water for drinking during the trip.
07. Forest Fees & Permission.
Two Armed forest guard from the forest department.
09. An accompanied experience guide during the trip.
10. 24 hours Tea, Coffee and Mineral water will be available.

Package Excludes: 
01. Drink both hard & soft.
02. Items of personal nature.

Necessary Equipment to Be Carried on Tourists:
Our tour season start on the winter season, so tourist must carry warm Jackets/Pullover to protect from cold.
01. Hat/ Cap/ Sunglass.
02. Sun-Burn Lotion.
03. Snicker Shoes for walking.
04. Binocular.
05. Camera, Charger, Battery.
06. Toothpaste & Tooth Brush, Towels.
07. Emergency Medicine.  
08. Soap & Shampoo.
09. Flash Light.

Cancellation Policy:

General Tour Information: 
       The itineraries in our bruiser are Dhaka To Dhaka basis and our quoted prices are inclusive of all transfers, accommodation, food, guide, and sightseeing as indicated in the itinerary. Anybody interested to book our tours from abroad shall have to add extra cost of an accommodation and meals before and after the tour.

Deposit and Payment:
While making a confirm booking of a tour, honorable tourist must pay 50% of the total tour cost is to be made and the balance Tk is to be paid with in 1 week before making the trip.
For Incoming Telegraphic Transfer of Funds, Our Bank Account Details are as follow:
Name of Account : The Mangrove Tours & Travel.
Account Type       : Current. 
Account Number : 2801202101714001.
Branch Name       : Khulna Branch.
Branch Code        : 2801.
Name of Bank      : BRAC BANK LIMITED.
Swift                     : BRAKBDDH.
Address               : Khulna, Bangladesh.
Currency              : BDT Taka.

          We will be responsible for the operation of the tour and excursions as mentioned in our bruiser under the general situation. So for personal accident, sickness, loss of luggage during the tour, delay or cancellation of air flight, any political problem which create unstable situation to conduct a tour etc. We will not be directly responsible. In our country, we will be try to extend all type of possible assistance in overcoming those problem, but the guest must be pay any extra cost incurred due to these problems. We reserve the right to withdraw or amend any tour should condition warrant such action. Should such situation arise, a refund of money will be subject to negotiation.

Special Note:
1. For Foreign nationalities: Please add Taka: 1,500/- + 15% Vat (per day, per person) for forest fees on the above mentioned price.
2. If any person wants to travel Dhaka-Jessore-Dhaka by air then please adds additional Tk: 8000/-.
3. If any person wants to travel Dhaka-Khulna-Dhaka by A/C Bus then please add additional Tk: 2,700/- and non A/C Bus then please add additional Tk: 1,200/-. 
4. If any person wants to stay one night extra in khulna city please add additional Tk: 3000/- for room charges with breakfast.
5. Child fare 50% discount on adult price (4-8 years) Only Bangladeshi. 

6. The honorable guest can not carry any type of register or non-register arms or ammunition, because that register or non-register arms or ammunition carry in forest is illegal by government forest law. So we will use only forest department selected guard with his register arms and ammunition.
7. During running a tour, tourist Guide can change food menu of the tour and they can take any type of tour decisions as because of environmental change.

We reserve the rights to accept or refuse any participant as a member of the tour.

Please feel free to contact for any assistance any time.

Contact Person:
Khulna Office:
Md. Rezaul Karim Reza.
Managing Director
The Mangrove Tours & Travel.
BIWTA, Terminal Market, Launch / Rocket Ghat, Khulna.
Mobile : 88-01917721236, 88-01716279404.
E-mail : [email protected]
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Skype : themangrovetours

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